General Questions/Answers About Dominicans

How old is the Dominican Order?

2016 marks the 800th anniversary of the Order of Preachers. #op800

What does OP stand for?

OP stands for “Order of Preachers.” It is the designation that nearly all members of the Dominican Family use — priests, brothers, nuns, sisters, and the laity. It is the name assigned to the order by St. Dominic himself.
When members of the Dominican family uses the OP designation behind their names, they use their title before to help indicate which branch of the family to which they belong. So, a Lay Dominican might identify themselves as Mr. John Doe, OP, while a Dominican priest would write something like Rev. James Smith, OP.  A sister or nun would write, Sr. Jane Williams, OP.

What is a province?

A province is a geographic region that has its own governance. There are four Dominican provinces in the United States: The Province of St. Albert the Great (central), the Province of St Joseph (eastern), the Province of St. Martin de Porres (southern), and the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus (western).

What types of groups comprise the Dominican Family?

The Dominicans comprise friars (priests) and brothers, nuns and sisters, secular institutes, young adults, associates, and Lay Dominicans.